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1. Q:  What type of companies or projects will Press Release Agency not accept orders from or do business with?

A:  Our distributors and news syndicates will reject any press release which includes products or services related to gambling, tobacco, illicit drugs, online pharmacies, pornography or sexually explicit materials, male enhancement products, hate speech, personal attacks or any illegal activity.

2. Q: Can I schedule my press release to be published at a specific time of the day?

A:  For PRWEB, PRNEWWIRE,  yes. For other sites, no.

3. Q:  Am I allowed to edit or update my press release?

A:  Yes. Please type it in the instruction part.

4. Q:  How long does it take to write and distribute my press release?

A: Please take reference to the homepage. And we are not responsible for editing approval delays by clients that exceed 12 hours for each review level.

5. Q: Do you provide any stats and reporting for your press release?

A:  All packages receive an initial stats report by email, followed by more a detailed online report which includes the effectiveness of your press release campaign, distribution locations and resulting traffic to your target website.

6. Q: My company prefers to write our own press release in-house. Can you provide us with just distribution and syndication?

A: Sure can! Your press release will still require our internal approval to meet the standard required by our distribution networks. Please contact us for more information.