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Press Release Agency is a business which deals in reselling press release at cheap prices along with ensuring best quality and style. The company was founded by Joe Concord and Rob Woo 7 years back mainly with the intention of providing best discounts to their clients. The business initially was just restricted to forums such as warriorforum which enabled it to take a better initiative and built their own site. We cater to provide our outstanding services to individuals and predominantly agencies which look for exceptional press releases to be written with authenticity.

Press release is a channel to communicate with your target audience which is commonly used by many businessmen to boost the sales through this source and press release agency makes your work super effective and fruitful. We have got packages that you have to choose from along with different price ranges. Moreover, our services include PRnewswire, SBWIRE, prbuzz, along with enormous markdown in writing services. Furthermore, we are also the official reseller of prweb premium package which increases web traffic and creates buzz in distribution. We are well aware about the market situations and are much aquainted with when and how to market a particular press release.

The company is keen to serve the goal of providing supreme quality service which is indubitably incomparable and unrivalled. Our expertise and professionalism have procured us prodigious eminence amongst our customers. We aim to receive customer satisfaction by being persistent to yield best possible results. The ultimate primacy is to acquire customer loyalty by providing them genuine and reliable press releases. We are situated in 1200 Westlake Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 USA. Adding on, all complains and queries are addressed solemnly and customer demands are our first priority. You can drop an email at [email protected].

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