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Why Use Press Release Questionnaires? (Some Sample Questions!)

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Press Releases

Press releases are a necessary and vital aspect of any and every business, no matter the field. They are a way to garner media publicity for your business, whether for an upcoming event, new product or service, or change in your overall business. The media will read your press release, and if interested, they will write a story in their newspapers, magazines, blogs, and more. With this kind of attention, it is important that your press release is as strong as possible. Because of this pressure, press release questionnaires are necessary.


What are Press Release Questionnaires?

Essentially, a press release questionnaire is a form of template for a press release. It is often used by those who are hired to write press releases as a way to get information on the company, as well as what they want their press release to say. Many businesses outsource their press releases to outside services to achieve the best quality work from those who know what they are doing. A press release questionnaire will help these hired helpers effectively and efficiently gain the information necessary for a press release.


What Questions are on a Press Release Questionnaire?

Each question on a press release questionnaire must serve a specific purpose in identifying information necessary for a press release. A press release must answer several questions by its completion – who, what, where, when, how, and why. You must know who is releasing this information, what information needs to be relayed, where the information is necessary, when it will happen, how it will happen, and why this is important. Without all of this information, a press release will be pointless. Even if you are lack in one of these questions, your press release will be incomplete.


Sample Questions

If you are looking to use a press release questionnaire, or thinking of hiring someone who may be using a press release questionnaire, there are several questions that you should expect.

  • What is your business’s name and contact information?
  • What news do you want to share in your press release?
  • Do you want any direct quotations?
  • What links do you want to be included?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Why is this news important?

You may not be asked some of these questions, or you may be asked different questions. It is determined by the author of the press release questionnaire. However, the purpose of each press release questionnaire is the same.

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