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Business Owner and Marketer,


      Are you looking to boost your business? Yet tired of the bogus theories being touted by many ‘so called’ Internet marketing gurus that all seem to cost fortune and fall short of its promise?


      You need to know the smokin’ hot secrets top marketers are raving about. And even sweeter, these services are proven time and time again, and cost practically a lot less to implement.


      Hi, my name is Rob, I’m the creator of the wildly successful Press Release Agency. I’ve been in the marketing for nearly 10 years leading online marketing, business building and direct response efforts at major Internet companies. I’m also an entrepreneur and an Internet marketer.


     Folks in the industry know as being ‘strategically creative’ . . . that is blending the art of marketing and the science of tactical methodology . . . all for profits.


      This characteristic helps me look at strategies from a different vantage point using out-of-the-box techniques that are cost effective.


      Having a diverse and comprehensive background that’s concentrated in marketing, publishing and PR, helps me gains this unique perspective. And although I’ve worked for prominent organizations, I didn’t always have unlimited resources at my disposal.


      This need for low cost, high performing tactics was the major force in developing a groundbreaking, systematic, proven, and quite frankly, easy method for leveraging your campaign and synchronizing it’s release on most Internet marketing channels.


      This targeted distribution of PR creates search engine momentum which can be harnessed for
greater website traffic, sales, leads and buzz.


The Key To Unlocking The Power Of Great
PR And The Web


That You’ll Receive:


      I cover every aspect of PR Distribution Service in this program. It’s brimming over with features, benefits and secrets you can use to defeat the competition and then knock them out of the park . . . 

    • A very important (but almost unknown) “trick” which will create more visibility, traffic, and awareness for your website and brand.
    • How to adapt your company news into high performing online press releases (This technique is so simple…and… so little-known… even 75% of all Internet marketer don’t know about it.)
    • How to encourage viral marketing, pass-along readership, and word-of-mouth buzz –if you know how to do it right! An amazing secret recently discovered which every Internet marketer should know about how to… instantly . . . on measuring your performance against the ‘3 O’s’ – outputs, outcomes, and objectives.(This works faster than anything else an Internet marketer could ever do… and…they’re desperate to learn this secret.)


    • How to use our distribution service with other tactics such as affiliate marketing, joint ventures, cost-effective online advertising, reciprocal ad swaps, and guess editorials.
    • And much, MUCH MORE . . .



What People Are Saying:

Buzz On Our Premium Distribution Service


      But don’t just
take my word for it, check out some of the most respected, marketers,
publishers, and entrepreneurs in the industry are saying about our Premium
Distribution Service:


have seen clear spikes in traffic

“In some cases, we see clear spikes in traffic after the news release, followed by a direct correlation in increased sales.”

Enfield , CEO, POS Supply Solutions


It feels more reassuring

“Because real people at Premium look at the press release… it feels more reassuring, as if there’s another stage of quality control.”

Andrew Denny,
The Publicity Works


Has been instrumental with our campaign

“Distributing news announcements and promotable content through Premium has been an instrumental component of our PR and marketing programs since 2001, with a direct and measurable impact.”

Lee Odden,
CEO, Top Rank Marketing


They review everything I write

“The Premium team reviews everything I write and I can call anytime and ask for advice, which for me is often 11:00
p.m. at night.”

Kantor, Vedante


The power of PR is really amazing

“The power of Premium is really quite amazing. And we’ve achieved all this at a very affordable cost. It’s as if we had our very own PR department!”

Harries, Owner, Yellowwedge Cheese


Our news gets picked up by industry

“Our releases get between 500 and 1,000 full page reads and anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 impressions. Almost all of our news gets picked up by the industry blogs.”

Manish Naik,
Furnace MFG


      Initial buzz on Premium Distribution Service has been unbelievably huge  . . . and demand for this kind of service so strong (people all over the Web have been chomping at the bit!) . . . and that these services spreads off over the Internet quickly from its initial launching, but you can choose the Premium Distribution Service that suits your needs at our site.



Boost Business. Accelerate Profits.


      Our Premium Distribution Service is different from any other approach to using PR to grow your business. It’s more than PR . . . . it’s PR marketing on steroids.


      Our Premium Distribution marketing is not theory, it’s proven, high-performing real-world strategy allowing anyone with EXCITING news to turn traffic into profits . . . and the results are quantifiable.


      Achieve powerful results on even the smallest budget!


      Whether you’re a novice or an expert, these services are the ultimate Internet marketing tools and the ONE and ONLY Premium Distribution Service you’ll ever need to boost your website’s visibility and performance. Secure your position today! You have nothing to lose. Reserve your position today and that will make a great impact on your business. You won’t be disappointed.


      Are you ready to turn your PR into cash? Lock in your position for Premium Distribution Service today!




for success,



Press Release Agency