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Doing a Press Release Sample for Promotion Purposes

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Doing a press release is something that will be critical to a company’s success in several aspects.  A press release is a document that can announce several things. You can announce a new product, cancel a product, announce a new location, or do a promotion announcement. These are only a few reasons to do a press release.

Two Types of Promotion Announcements

When it comes to developing a sample for a promotion press release, it is important to know what type of release you are doing. One type of promotion is a product promotion or sale promotion. This is where you announce a new product that you are trying to promote. You can also do a sale promotion, where you inform the public of a special sale you are doing.

The other type is a personnel promotion. This is where you announce that an employee is being promoted to a higher position within the company. Why announce something like this? There are several reasons behind that. Here are just a few:

  • It shows appreciation of an employee’s hard work
  • It shows that your company cares about its employees
  • It shows the pride you have in your staff
  • It shows the employee that they are recognized for what they do

Doing a press release about an employee’s promotion fosters that employee’s growth both personally and professionally. Studies show that when an employee is recognized and appreciated, retention rates tend to be much higher.

Reasons to Do a Sale Promotion

There are reasons to do a sale promotion press release as well. Just a few of these are:

  • Announcement of a limited time sale
  • Aggressive marketing of a new product or service
  • Gather interest and inform the public of the promotion
  • Continue promoting awareness of your company as a whole

Why a Sample?

The whole reason behind doing a sample for a promotional press release is to have a model for others to follow in the future. A sample will show others how to do a press release based on the announcement to be made.  There are several things to be included in each type of promotion.

What to Have in a Product Promotion Press Release

You will need to have several elements in this type of press release. A sample or template should include your company’s name, contact information, and the details of the promotion, such as the start date and the duration. You will want the latter in the press release title. It should be something attention-grabbing, so the reader will be interested in learning more. The body should further detail the promotion.

What to Have in an Employee Promotion Press Release

For a promotion involving an employee, there are different elements to have. In the title, it should read an announcement of the employee’s name and what position they have been promoted to. The body should list the employee’s accomplishments, history with the company, and other related information.

There are numerous online sources which outline the templates for a press release sample for promotion purposes, be it a product, sale, or employee promotion.

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