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Website Launch Press Release: Is It Necessary to Announce the Launch of Your Website?

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If there is one thing that has remained constant in the ever-changing SEO world is that search engines still love freshness. Major search engines smile on websites and portals that are updated at regular intervals. This is because search sites want to provide their users with the latest and most recently updated information. If you are going to launch your business website or you have already launched it, it is highly advisable for you to write and publish a website launch press release to let the world know that you have achieved just another entrepreneurial milestone.

How a press release can make your brand popular?

An SEO PR is an effective communication tool that can spread the news of your website launch. Press releases are effective than many other SEO tools and strategies as they communicate with both human users and search engine bots. Hence, when a press release contains a title like “ABC Company Officially Launched Their Business Website”, it sends a clear signal to the search engines that a new website has been launched and if it is optimized properly, it can send the news to many users as well. Therefore, SEO press releases are quite different from the traditional PRs as you need to incorporate target keywords and key phrases into your PR to optimize it.

Howe effective is a PR for announcing website launch?

A press release for a newly launched website can bring huge traffic to your website, provided you publish the PR in one of those top platforms and optimize it correctly. These days, you will find random PR submission websites that are no good for the purpose. A whole bunch of free submission websites are there that have low domain authority and your press release may not reach even a single targeted reader, let alone getting search engine success.

Why it is necessary to publish a press release for your new website launch?

A press release can bring many benefits to the table. It’s undoubtedly one of the best marketing tools at this moment. It can provide the right exposure for both of your business and your business website (important for SEO purposes). A well-written PR can let your target readers know about your products and services, apart from bringing more SEO juice to your online marketing campaign.  You should not also forget that a good PR can increase the click-through conversions for your website, which can boost your search rankings within a short time. In short, a website launch press release can be the most effective yet cheapest way to announce the launch of your website.

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