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Seven Kickass Press Release Strategies That Can Make Your Brand More Visible Than Ever

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Web readers consume news articles voraciously. PRWeb, one of the top press release publishing platforms, recently published a whitepaper, claiming that more than 80 million web surfers read their news releases every day. No wonder why SEO professionals and digital marketing experts prefer to use online press releases as effective SEO tools. Press releases can also be used as branding and credibility building tools, if you can use these strategies effectively.

Write a press release the way it should be written

For novices, writing online press releases can be much more challenging than writing an article or blog. You need to understand that a press release should tell a story, which should be the story of your brand. However, writing in a third-person journalistic tone requires deep practice, perseverance and a certain amount of dispassion. However, if you are a genuinely good writer, you can pick up the style within a few days. Another thing to keep in mind is that the SEO PR should cover something newsy.

Using the right channels

There are many cheap distribution channels that may look as promising as their costlier counterparts. You may get a false impression that using any of these channels would be effective in the same way. However, good press release distribution comes expensive. You need to clear the clutter and select only the top channels for distributing your press release. Wall Street Journal, for example, charges 400 USD for a 400-word press release. Additionally, you need to spend more for adding multimedia content. On the other hand, Marketwire comes with a superb dashboard and you can see a lot of traffic analysis metrics and parameters. PRWeb is undoubtedly the most effective SEO PR platform, but it’s still expensive. SBWire, PRNewswire are two other good platforms.

Crafting the elevator pitch

How well you craft the elevator pitch or the summary of the press release defines how well you can gain traction from it. Since press releases both SEO and branding tools, you need to write the elevator pitch in an engaging way. A good elevator pitch is one that can go viral. You need to understand the market, your brand’s USP, your key strengths and many other things to write a good press release elevator pitch. See how your competitors are writing their elevator pitches. Do not write boring elevator pitch.

As a final point, always proofread your press release twice. Work keywords into your press release strategy to make it more impactful.


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