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When to Send a Press Release: Timing of Distribution Is Highly Important

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If you have a small business and you want to promote your business to your online and offline buyers, you need to devise an effective online marketing strategy to make your brand name popular among target buyers. An SEO press release can be a highly powerful communication tool that can effectively turn your SEO campaign into an online branding campaign. However, timing, quality of content and the distribution channels you choose are of paramount importance. When to send a press release? Here are the basics explained for you.

When is the right time to distribute your PRs?

It is not likely that your business would be newsworthy every single day. Therefore, there’s no point publishing a news release every day. However, you should write and distribute a press release whenever a new website gets launched, or the old website is redesigned and revamped, or a new manager joins the company or a new product is launched. In short, you should not miss the slightest chance to spread any news about your company which you consider worthy of distributing.

Distributing an urgent press release to live journalists

If your company has just launched a new product, you should publish and distribute an SEO press release right after writing and proofreading it. You can also use social media to post a brief update and then follow it up with a well-written press release. In general, the best time to publish a press release is the middle of the week.

There’s no “bad time” for publishing SEO press releases

If you are distributing a PR just for boosting the search rankings of your website and its landing pages, there’s really no bad or good time for distributing the same. If you have actual news, send it to live journalists as well as publish it on high domain-authority sites. The long lists of press release sites you see on the web are mostly useless. You need to consider the domain authority and page rank of the PR distribution sites before submitting your press releases. Only this way, you can achieve your goal of getting enough ‘SEO juice’ for your campaign.

Promoting an event

If an important event of your company is coming up, it’s important for you to write and publish PRs at least one or two weeks prior to the event. Also, you need to publish an SEO PR on the event date and a couple of PRs even after the event. However, you need to explore different aspects of the event during writing these PRs. For example, you can write about how many people have already signed up for the event or how the event venue is being prepared.

You can consult with an expert to know exactly when to send a press release to make it most effective.




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