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Press Release Rules: The Basics That Cannot Be Overlooked

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Press releases, as top SEO experts agree, are a great way to generate brand awareness and create traction in the market. However, writing a really impactful press release may not be as easy as you might have thought. There are some basic press release rules that need to be fulfilled in the first place. Here we will discuss the three basic rules of an SEO press release: content, presentation and format.

SEO PR Content

The press release content should be written in a journalistic tone and style. You should refrain from using fluffs and fillers as a press release needs to be as concise as possible. Do not just keep adding content, as most top PR distribution sites require PR word count be around 80 to 250 words. While some sites require a minimum of 300 words, a fairly lengthy PR is not really useful. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use first or second person in tour PR. An SEO PR should always be written in third person.

Also, it is important to remember that you need to answer the ‘wh’ questions in the first paragraph of your press release body. Do not use too many jargons as your PR will mostly be read by journalists who may not have adequate domain knowledge to infer the meanings of these jargons. One easy way to write a PR is to start from the most important information and then gradually move over to less important information.

The headline of your PR should be attractive and newsy, to say the least. You may use SEO keywords strategically in the headline, but it should not look like your have forcibly used the keyword in the headline. The reader should know what your PR is all about by looking at the headline. Keep in mind that the primary audience for your PR are the journalists. Therefore, write it in a way that attracts them.

Presentation of an SEO PR

Attach images, relevant contact information and anchor texts with your PR so that the editors of top PR distribution websites can publish it without asking for revisions.


One-page PR is better than two-page PR. However, if you feel you need to add more information, you can add more flesh to the bones. Try not to use acronyms or abbreviations. Mention the date and place at the beginning of the PR.

The basic press release rules are little different from rules for SEO press releases and you should work your keywords into the PR more effectively to boost the search rankings of your PR and your website.


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