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How to Do a Press Release Online?

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No doubt today’s web is a place where everyone can have their fair share of prominence, be it a large multinational or a small roadside cafe or something. All your need is a press release that can supercharge your brand’s prominence in the web space, thanks to all the major search engines that take press releases way too seriously than you thought. Thanks to these search engines, the days of elitism of PR have long gone and traditional PRs have mostly been replaced by SEO PRs. So how to do a press release online? Here are few tips.

Follow a certain format

Press releases follow a unique format which cannot be deviated from. You will find online press release publishing and broadcasting platforms that require a certain format and style to be maintained. Any deviation from the stand format would result in outright rejection. For example, you always need to write in a third-person journalistic tone and no deviation is tolerated. You cannot use first or second person except within quotes.

Picking the right topic

The online world is so saturated with press releases that you need to do deep research to stand out of the rest. Therefore, you should deliver something really newsworthy to stay in the top. This is the first rule of writing a PR. Whether you are launching a new product or your company just completed one year successfully, you can spread the news through an SEO PR. However, you need to keep in mind that all the ‘W’ questions need to be properly answered. Top press release sites won’t accept your PRs if they do not answer the ‘who, when, what, where and why’ questions properly.

Giving a good headline

The headline should be captivating enough to arouse interest journalists. The headline should be precise, to the point and explanatory enough. If you give a good headline, it would automatically attract journalists who would then share it through industry-specific channels. There should also be a short summary, proper mentioning of date and place of the PR. However, the body of the PR should be written carefully so that your readers (mostly journalists) know what the PR is all about. Also, do not forget weaving your targeted keywords into the PR so that the PR gets the potential to come atop search results, which is the ultimate objective of writing SEO press releases.

Seek professional help if you are not sure how to do a press release online. Do not take chances with your brand’s reputation and online presence.


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