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Press Release Interview Questions 101

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Interview planning is important but many companies begin an interview with common interview queries which appear easy to answer. But the most innocent common interview questions could get a prospect to relax and open up exposing private information about themselves which they must not have discussed. In an interview, there is no such thing as a simple interview question even when you are asked. These responses give an instruction to follow, and the most essential move to make is being yourself when responding to these popular interview queries. The passion that will outlast will do more to amaze the interviewer than whatever you have to say.

If you are able to get a great idea of what journalists are searching for in news stories and suggestions that are delivered to them, then you can modify your content so that it has greater influence. A good way to do that is to adjust into their thinking. There are various issues they will consider regarding a news story, or a concept for a story, but below are few questions for contemplation to get you started.

Is this a story?

First of all, if you are giving a press release then it must contain news. This may seem clear but repeatedly people and companies bombard journalists with media releases that advertise themselves and have little news value. In case you have got any news, but wish to promote your company, then check out other ways like advertising.

Where is the human interest?

News journalists require human attention; they are enthusiastic about the people component of the story. They would like to know how folks are impacted, what the advantages and drawbacks are for them. If you check the papers, watch and follow the news you will realize that human interest is a major component in news stories. The news might be about individuals, organizations or kinds of people or anything that will have an impact on them. You have to get the human interest component out in your reports story.

Who would disagree with this opinion, view, and change?

Journalists are curious about confrontation as a part of news. They are concerned with who will have an opposite view to yours that makes the story more fascinating. They will not ask you the question who will disagree with this? But any good journalist will be trying to talk to or interview those who disagree with whatever you have done or the outlook provided in your reports story. From a journalist’s viewpoint they are trying to move the story on and reveal the real news.

There are many questions journalists think about: What is the possibility of keeping the story? Is this related to the audience?  Who else has the story? How reliable is the source?  What is the real story? Your work is to get your comments across but make sure that the journalist can reply these questions instantly and easily to their pleasure.


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