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Press release headlines that make it or break it-How to draft an effective headline

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They say ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ but have we ever judged a book by its title?. I’m sure most of us can remember a book that lured us with its title only to realize later how awful it was. And then we blamed the book by staring at the title. We squirmed telling ourselves that the title duped us. Have we faced a similar dilemma somewhere else? There could be a few instances. What about the headlines that we read? Does a great Press release headline matter or does it make people ponder?

The Reader is bound to proceed if your headline is engaging and sounds exciting. Not if it’s too dull and drab.

 Example: ‘This summer cast away in style at these gorgeous islands with Constance hotels and resorts.’

Now this one immediately get us dreaming of azure waters and pristine landscapes. But does it sound exciting? Does it offer anything different? We already know that beautiful beaches tucked away in far off islands will have great hotels.

A great headline is like a recipe that is ready to entice your taste buds. These few examples of great press release headlines will help you with all the ingredients that you need.

  1. ‘Diet and Weight loss: An unhealthy diet is not responsible for obesity.’

The headline must sound newsworthy and exciting. It must compel the reader to progress further. The above example tells us that eating unhealthy need not be responsible for obesity issues. Now that makes it interesting.


  1. ‘The clutter diet blog is Amazon Kindles no. 1 Lifestyle best seller’

Use key words that are trending and SEO rich. Try and connect the key words to what’s in right now. Diet blog, Lifestyle and Amazon Kindle in the above headline are bound to get you instant hits. These set of words will also help you in the search engine optimization process.


  1. ‘My data team releases A New Work From Home Program.’

You need to infuse a strong connect with your reader. Try and make the reader ponder, think, bite his nails. A work from home program is what most of office goers secretly wish for.


  1. ‘Leatherup.com 2008 sales explode to over $20 million’

A great press release headline has to generate interest and curiosity in the reader. The above fact led the news piece to trend at the no. 1 spot for weeks.


There will be days when you would be too engrossed in the process of writing that you will fail to pay attention to the headline. You may then want to look at your Press release headline and ask yourself if you would click on it the moment you saw it online.


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