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Fundamental Principles on Press Release for New Product Launch

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What is a Press Release?

A press release is written copy that is meant to inspire people to buy a company’s product or service. The press release can be about a variety of things, but the main purpose is to gain publicity for a company. If written well, a press release can act as a springboard for a company’s larger marketing plan. One of the most popular reasons for using a press release is to help launch a new product. When you are writing a press release to launch a new product, there are several things you need to be aware of.


Identify Your Message

You have your product, a product that you have obviously put time and effort into creating. However, you must define how you are going to spread that message to the world. A press release is focused primarily on those in the media – journalists, bloggers, and other media writers. These people will then take your press release, and write on it. The message your press release sends should mirror what you want your potential customers to know, but put it in a way that removes the fluff and extra advertising that a typical marketing strategy would contain.


How Will It Affect People

While you must write a press release in a journalistic, news story manner, that does not mean that you should not highlight the importance of your product. In fact, that should be the main factor in what you write. Your product has a purpose, and that purpose will change and affect those who use it. You must harness that, and sell the experience people will receive with your product. You must tell people why your product is more important than anyone else’s on the market.


Remember to Market Your Brand

Your press release should be highlighting the specific product that you are launching. However you must not forget to highlight your own company. This product, and the press release and marketing strategy that accompanies it, is a part of your larger company and public brand. Everything you do should make your brand appear to be desirable to customers. You are selling a product, but you are also selling your business. You must convince people to buy your product because your business is the one selling it. Creating trust in your business with desire for your product is vital in writing a new product launch press release.

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