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Paid Press Release Sites: Why Are They More Effective Than the Free Ones?

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There are SEO pros who would tell you that free press release websites are as good as their paid counterparts and you are simply wasting your money by paying for press release submission and syndication. They are generally grey hat SEO people who want to cut corners in almost everything. But let us tell you that circulating news about any company or product has never been cheap and easy. Paid press release sites are there for a reason. You can derive at least ten benefits by publishing your press release through a paid site.

Your press release will show up on high DA and high PR sites

Google values content published on high Domain Authority (DA) and high Page Rank (PR) sites. If your press release gets published in top sites, you can automatically get more leverage from it in terms of search rankings. Top paid press release distribution sites would tell you about where your articles are going to be published. Free sites usually do not let users know where their PRs would get published.

Your PR gets distributed through more channels

SEO PRs need to be distributed through as many channels as possible since this ensures higher visibility. If you are publishing your PR through a paid distribution site, chances are high that your PR would be distributed through a truckload of sites, and even the industry- or niche-specific ones.

Paid sites get more traffic

Paid sites rank higher in Google search results than those free sites. As a result, your PR gets more traffic which can be successfully converted into more click-through conversions if a good web marketing campaign runs in tandem.

You can link to your website

Paid press release distribution sites allow one or more anchor texts, which mean you can easily link the published PRs to your website, your landing page, your blog section and elsewhere.

Inbuilt social buttons

The top press release distribution and syndication websites have social media share buttons built-in. Therefore, you can easily share the news through the popular social media platforms, which can in turn give your brand a great leverage.

Built-in analytics is a plus

Paid press release sites have built-in analytics and you can easily track traffic and other related data by looking at the dashboard. This gives immense advantage to the digital marketers for whom traffic data speak louder than anything else.

If you are worried about the cost of press release submission through paid sites, let us tell you that there are sites that cost far too less than you might imagine.

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