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How to Make a Product Launch Press Release Your Biggest Marketing Tool

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If you are in SEO and digital marketing forums for quite some time now, you will always find opposing views on whether press releases are really effective for announcing product launch, or some event. While the debate shows no signs to simmer down, let’s take a look at how you could possibly work a well-written product launch press release in your product promotions strategy.

A product promotions strategy, or lack thereof, can make or break your brand’s image and visibility overall. For example, if somebody launched an online store but then never contemplated a strategy for optimising the site (even if after writing and publishing a PR), he may have missed out on where his site or brand got mentioned.

Big companies use it

Did you know that some of the largest companies across industries, such as Coca-Cola, Apple or Microsoft, use product launch press release? However, immediately after these companies send a press release through the wires, it becomes viral as thousands of journalists and industry insiders eagerly wait to hear something newsy from these companies.

However, if you are a start-up or you are one of the many companies that are in the same industry, you need to hire a professional SEO PR distribution and syndication agency to manage the PR campaign for you. You can spend wealth of money in press releases, but if you do not know the right channels, it all may go in vain. There are some thumb rules although which are worth taking a look at.

Is it really newsworthy?

Did you launch your product six months back and now trying to publish a press release on the product launch event that preceded the actual market launch? In that case, you can create very less traction. Do not just state a dull and drab statement like your company ‘started offering’ something that they have been offering since the inception. What kind of events can be highlighted in a press release? It could be an ecommerce website launch, a new product, an updated version of an old product, freebies, charity program, and flash sales, any recognition received by the brand or product and so on.

You should also keep in mind that the product launch press release should be written in a professional fashion. Unless you are a gifted writer yourself or you have broad familiarity with press release format, tone and style, it’s always advisable to leave it for the experts.

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