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Kickstarter Press Release Strategy: Can You Really Garner Support for Your Project through a Crowdfunding PR?

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If you have started your Kickstarter campaign but you don’t know how to gain some momentum with it, you may opt for press releases as you can potentially attract journalists with your press release and your campaign may get a lot of attention in due time. What should be your Kickstarter press release strategy for taking your campaign to the next level? Well, as a ground rule, you need to come up with a compelling and concise press release that can announce your Kickstarter campaign effectively to the world. However, there’s more to it than just writing a good press release. Here’s what.

Answering the key questions

You know every single minute, there’s a new Kickstarter campaign popping up and you might have to go the extra mile to make your campaign stand out. After all, why should angel investors risk their money without knowing who or what you are and what your project is all about? First things first, you need to explain why should anybody care about your project or product? Is the idea you are promoting through a Kickstarter campaign at all sellable? If it is, then highlight the selling points of your project and answer what’s in the project for them.

Can you change their lives?

Your prospective backers need to know how and why your project would affect their lives in a positive manner. Are you offering a service or product that can address and potentially solve a specific problem? Is it a humanitarian cause? It is also important for you to answer the ‘who’ question through your press release. One major mistake that many press release syndication professionals do is that they forget targeting the right demographic.

For example, if you have invented a low-cost walking stick that can be a good aid to any elderly person who has undergone a knee replacement surgery of late and you are actually planning to send a free sample to anybody who pledges more than hundred dollars, you need to publish your PR through the right channels for maximum outreach.

Know before you write

If you haven’t yet written a press release, you need to check out how Kitckstarter press releases are actually written. Do not just pen down your thoughts without checking a proper format. There are some golden rules of press release writing that apply to Kickstarter PR writing as well. You need to take in account distribution channels, target demographics, and many other things before writing a PR for your Kickstarter campaign.

Hire a professional Kickstarter press release writer if you are not so confident to devise a perfect PR strategy for your ongoing campaign.

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