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Indiegogo-Empowering people and financing ideas

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Since 2008, Indiegogo has given wings to the dreams of thousands of artists, music-makers, inventors and other similar dream-weavers by connecting them to like-minded contributors. Ideas that were ripe for launching have been given a worldwide stage and a ready audience. Some mind-boggling ideas have been funded and brilliant ideas have received the due recognition from backers across the world.

A recent press release from Indiegogo is a clear indication of the empowerment it offered to the artists who were able to showcase their talent to the public with the help of crowd-funding. Funding an event or a budding yet talented artist has now been taken care of as Indiegogo has bridged the gap between talent and opportunity.

It all began in the year 2008, when Danae Ringelmann, an MBA student, wanted to begin an off-Broadway play, Slava Rubin was keen to build a charity event around myeloma cancer research, while Eric Schell spent his free time looking for a sponsor for a Chicago Theater company. Indiegogo happened when they put their heads together to understand the basic weakness in the funding system; funding access was controlled by a few people and this was the state for many hundred years. With the basic idea of diverting funds towards ideas that needed it the most, Indiegogo was launched by these enterprising three.

A press release from Indiegogo said “ Our team focuses on four important fundamentals that sets us apart from the crowd, like:

  • Easy to begin: A dedicated campaign editor is ready to guide you to build a brilliant campaign page within no time so that you can launch your dream as soon as you think you are ready.
  • Fund-raising: With easy to use payment options and a slew of funding options, we let you choose what is best for you. Our expertise is utilized to maximize the contributions so that you get the funds to drive your prized campaign home.
  • Data Driven: To make sure that you run the finest campaign, Indiegogo empowers you with all the awareness you need on any platform. Armed with this technology, your funds are set to grow and so does your community. This ensures that you take the right decisions, always.
  • No Launch Fees: Our set-up fees are zero, nil, zilch and to top it all, we are equipped to maximize your campaign exposure for free too”

Due to the ease of operation, Indiegogo has been a much frequented website with 15 million people visiting it every single month and this includes donors, customers, investors, and of course, the talent pool too. As per a press release, this San Francisco based international crowd-funding website is keen to gradually move towards equity funding after carefully considering the legal side.

Moving ahead, in 2014, Indiegogo showcased Indiegogo Life, which is a facility that allows individuals to raise funds for multiple life events, medical emergencies and expenses, celebratory funds etc. Since this section of Indiegogo does not charge any kind of fees, the individuals get to keep a maximum of the funds raised.





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