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How to write press release for new book

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A book press release is a part of promoting effort with the proper mindset and a concept of industry standards, one can create a magnetic press release that is great to get around. A press release is the most essential tool outdoors relations. It is written similar to a news story, but is made as an idea to the journalist. One of the main parts to let folks aware of a new book being publicized is the press release.

When you have your press release arrange, you present it to either a paid or a free publication service that will make it accessible to editors and writers at all sorts of news media to be used in reporting or feature publications. If they prefer your story and believe it will attract their readers, you will get posted in their magazine, newspaper, presented on a report on TV or maybe asked to stay for an interview. This is good press publicity for you and your book. Thus, listed below are the major components you want to include in your press release.

Make your headline captivating but clear

Once you understand the reason for your book media release, make sure you create a good headline for it. The headline must be something that can capture the reader’s interest irrespective of who he or she is, particularly if that reader is part of your prospective buyers. However, ensure that the headline can give your reader a concept of what they can assume from the rest of your report. This is when choosing between catchy and clear headings may baffle you. You may go for the better option to play safe however you can always think outside the box to make it captivating as well.

Contact information

Give complete contact details for editors who wish to know more, or demand a copy of your book. If you wish to look like a real publishing firm, don’t make use of the author’s name as the contact. Make sure you date the news release at the beginning so that the journalist can easily see how old or new the news is. It is also normal to add your city close to the date.

Identify Yourself

If your book’s story or press release doesn’t identify the source of the details and reports within the first few guides, you can lose the marketing value your book press release can offer. Readers need to know who is writing; letting them understand develops the reputation of the release and endorses your writer name and brand.


Your concluding paragraph must be a brief and helpful boilerplate. A boilerplate is normally three or four phrases and plays the role of a mini-biography. This is an opportunity to add a few exciting snippets about yourself, reaching on your interests and inspirations. It is essential to add your company logo or an appropriate picture with every media release. The better the picture, the more real estate it will get in print or online.

Key phrases and Conclusion

Make sure you include the key phrases you want to get readers from. Use them obviously just once in every release. Conclusion is an overview of the report and should include details of where additional information about the subject matter can be found.

The most essential thing to consider when you are writing and submitting your press release is to try to be a reporter. Rather than the writer of the book, or the publishing firm, you must write as if you are publishing a news article. This indicates the effect of your story, your suggestions, or the direction in your book is the lead. Many people wish to know what the news you are giving can do for them.

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