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How to Get Press Release Published: Costly Mistakes That You Must Avoid

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Did you know that almost half of press releases sent to PRWeb for distribution (PRWeb is the internet’s biggest PR distribution platform) just because the PRs fail to comply with the editorial guidelines? This happens particularly because the PR writers and distributors are least bothered about the editorial policies of PRWeb, or any other PR distribution platform for that matter. How to get press release published easily? Well, here are some possible reasons why your PR might get rejected. Avoid these mistakes and your PR would easily be published online.

Your PR headline looks like spun or spam

If your PR’s headline looks like it has been spun from some other headline, or if it is too clichéd, your PR might get rejected. Make sure that you use a punchy and eye-catching headline. When sending your PR to the editor of a PR distribution website, do not use phrases like “Latest big news from us”. Just copy and paste the headline in the subject line and you will be good.

Your PR lacks the basic information

One of the major mistakes that amateurish PR writers and web writers commit is that they don’t include boilerplate information in the PR. As a result, their PRs never see the light of the day. You should also attach relevant images with your PR so that the editors can send everything at a go while publishing and distributing your PR.

Your press release contains too many grammar errors

Poorly written PRs do not usually get approval from editors of top PR and news article distribution websites and if you fail to eliminate the grammatical errors from your PR, it might not pass the editorial yardsticks. Keep in mind that an editor or journalist won’t rewrite your PR and the onus is upon you to check and eliminate the grammar errors. A well-written, grammatically correct and concise PR is what every top PR site needs.

Your press release is not really newsy

This is yet another top reason why PRs get rejected more often than not. If your PR lacks the substance and you only try to make it up with fluffs and fillers, chances are thin that your PR will get selected for top sites at least. Of course, there are some sites that will still accept your PR, but these sites are not worth your time and money.

If you want to know more about how to get press release published, you may contact a professional press release syndication and marketing agency online.


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