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Five Key Elements of a Post Event Press Release That Can Build Awareness for Your Brand

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So your product promotion event just came to a successful end? Well, if you are contemplating to take your promotional activities to the next level, you need to create a stir in the consumer community at large. However, with so much of data flowing through social media sites, emails and texts, how can you make your brand stand out? Creating a kickass post event press release seems only the answer. How to craft a press release that describes your event so well that your prospective buyers would go beyond the PR to know your brand? Here are the tricks.

  1. A captivating headline: A headline should be captivating enough so that it can capture your reader’s attention at one fell swoop. The headline should drive readers to read the rest of the press release. You should also include the name or theme of the event in the headline only. Do not, however, give too much information in the headline only as it will become a spoiler in that case. Also, you need to keep in mind that Google can only index the first 60 characters of the headline.
  2. A nice summary: A short summary containing 1-2 sentences should follow the headline. You may write the summary after writing the whole PR. This will make it easier for you to jot down the main points of the PR so that your readers get a sneak preview of what they are going to read.
  3. Delivering the news: You should deliver the news within the first two or three sentences preceded by the summary and the date and place. If the event took place in a shopping mall or conference hall in any city, mention it clearly in the first or second sentence. Also mention the event name, theme and date clearly in the opening paragraph of your PR.
  4. Expansion of the central idea: After stating the facts, you can expand upon the objectives of the event in the following paragraphs. Talk about the audience turnout and response, any special guests who might have attended the event, why the event was newsworthy (e.g. a flagship product launch or tie-up with some local major vendor) and describe the event details in the ensuing paragraphs.
  5. Quote executives: You should also quote the key executives who attended the event and spoke on behalf of the company to let your readers know about the long-term objectives and plans of the company.

Lastly, you should also use an appropriate boilerplate at the end of the post event press release to make it complete.



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