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The Easy and Good Format for Press Release

Mastering the press release format is the most important thing to learn for gaining enough SEO leverage. Keep in mind that the format for press release should be the biggest priority while writing a PR. If you incorrectly format a PR, the top publishing platforms may not accept it and your press release may become useless. So how do you make sure that a PR gets correctly formatted and gets approved on top PR publishing websites? Here’s how.

Press releases follow a simple format

Press releases are pretty much cookie cutter content. Once you learn the ropes, you can just follow a simple format and write as many press releases as you can. Why are press releases written in an established format? This is because journalists are used to this format and they expect a certain format and style while reading SEO press releases too. This format is known as Associated Press or AP format. If the editors of a press release publishing platform do not make changes in your PR, you know you are the right track.

So what is the correct format?

There are certain elements of a typical SEO press release that we have discussed here below.

Title: The most important element of a press release is the title itself. The headline should tell the story in a few words. The journalists who would read the PR should understand what it is all about. The title should be written in bold so as to capture the attention of the journalists and the editors.

The body: The press release body should contain answers to all the ‘wh-’ questions. The first sentence of the press release body is highly important since it would reveal the information that you want to disseminate in a nutshell. For example, if you are writing a press release about a new merger, you need to start the press release with the news of the merger itself (e.g. ABC Company recently announced that it has become a strategic partner of XYZ Company).

Quoting and official: Next, you need to quote some top official or spokesperson of the company to let the journalists take a closer look at the news. A top official, if quoted verbatim, can pull up the credibility of the press release and the company as a whole.

Boilerplate: The press release should end with a brief introduction to the company (the background information) and you should wrap it up with relevant contact information.

You can find more about format for press release by downloading templates and samples from the web.


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