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Creative Projects come Alive at Kickstarter

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Creativity just got a super-boost with Kickstarter, which is a large, global community that supports all kinds of creative people and projects. In their press release, Kickstarter said that more than 9 million people from all continents in the universe have chosen to back a Kickstarter project.

All creative individuals are keen to give their passion and creativity, its due recognition and that where communities like Kickstarter step in to make this come true. With the assurance of total creative control over their work, all film-makers, artists, developers, photographers and designers get the fabulous prospect of showcasing their work on the world platform.

As per their press release, Kickstarter has connected projects from top artists like Marina Abramovic and De La Soul and also brought unknown entities like Grandma Pearl or even the local band in contact with a vibrant backer group.

How did the idea of Kickstarter…..well, kick-start?

As per a recent press release, in 2001, Kickstarter founder Perry Chen was keen to bring down a couple of DJs to New Orleans for a Jazz Fest. After zooming into a superb venue, Perry reached out to the management to discuss the terms, but realised it was way too costly and subsequently the show wasn’t held at all. This incident stuck in his mind and he decided to develop a site that allowed potential audience members to pledge to pay for tickets for a show and if enough people turned up, the show would happen.

Kickstarter was instituted to encourage talent across all fields and make sure creative people and projects go live with the right kind of backing. This mission is more important than the kind of profit it made. A recent press release declared that Kickstarter has developed into a Benefits corporation which means that they shall be responsible for the effect their decisions have, not only on their stakeholders but also the society.

When Kickstarter was launched in 2009, a brand new idea was planted successfully in the world of creative individuals and created renewed hope for millions too. Since then, almost 10 million people surged ahead to provide backing for 96080 projects that were worth $2.1 billion, as per a press release.

It has been a long journey for this talented team of individuals who joined hands, with a single cause in mind- providing support to creative individuals and joining hands with interested backers. With an old pencil factory as its office, Kickstarter has grown to 118 employee-strong, founder controlled organization and growing.



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