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How to Choose a Book Press Release Distribution and Syndication Company?

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So you have authored a great book which you expect to be among the bestsellers soon after its release. While your book waits in the queue to hit the stores and Amazon, writing and distributing a press release about the book and author can be a simple trick to generate interest among target readers. How can you find a good book press release company that can distribute and optimize your press release while offering you a great value for money? Here’s how.

Too many channels to sort from

Through which specific channel your press release will be distributed holds the most importance. Since there are many different channels that provide the same services, you need to be very picky about which channels to choose and which ones to keep out of consideration. PRWeb and a few other sites can take your book press release to the right audience, which is highly important for targeting and attracting the right demographic.

See if they have received accolades

Reputable press release distribution agencies would be able to show you reviews and testimonials written by past clients. If they are good enough at what they specialize at, they would be able to show you testimonials written by past clients. You should not trust a company that has probably never received a testimonial from any past client. Chances are there that these companies have received a lot of negative reviews, which of course they do not want to show you.

Is the pricing competitive?

Leading press release syndication and distribution agencies align their pricing with the standard market prices, and often a little below the market average. They got the right expertise, the right distribution channels to exploit and the right workforce behind them. Therefore, they are ready to sacrifice a certain percentage of their profit in order to beat competition.

Other services

While a lot of book press release syndication agencies offer press release distribution and social shares, only a few of them have actually writers on their payroll to craft the press statements on behalf their clients. You can ask to see if they have relevant samples with them to know whether the agency has professional writers onboard. If you can get writing, distribution, syndication and optimization, everything within a package, it would be highly beneficial for you as you can focus on your next writing project instead of getting lost in life’s trivialities.

You can search the web now to find the best book press release distribution agencies to compare.

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