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Paid Press Release Sites: Why Are They More Effective Than the Free Ones?

There are SEO pros who would tell you that free press release websites are as good as their paid counterparts and you are simply wasting your money by paying for press release submission and syndication. They are generally grey hat SEO people who want to cut corners in almost...

Quick Guide to a Press Release

You are jumping with news about your organisation and want to announce it to the world. But how do you do it such that the world actually listens? Here’s your guide to writing an effective press release! Be the Audience: Before you even begin writing, put yourselves in the shoes...

What Does a Press Release Look Like?

What is a Press Release? A press release, essentially, is a way to gain publicity for something. That something can be an event, a new product, and more. A true press release will be able to bring attention to you and your brand. They can be cost effective in the fact that you...

Understanding Basic Marketing: Press Release 101

Getting your company off the ground takes a lot of work, but it is easy if you can do it right. Marketing is the key to becoming successful. Without it, your company will be left in the dust, unnoticed by potential customers.  A vital component to marketing is the press release....