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Capitalize On Publicity with Press Release Example Tips

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Press releases are one of the most effective ways to garner traffic after a change, milestone completion or award is received, among other things. However, many businesses are clueless to how to write a press release which meets its full potential. Writers fall short on their attempts due factors such as grammar errors, excessive verbiage, unguided content, irrelevant quotes and poor formatting. With this guide of press release example tips, you should be able to curate content that guides your readers to your product more effectively than any paid advertisement ever could.

One of the most important parts of writing any piece of web-content, is to be concise therefore cutting down on unnecessary phrasing. Less is more is a universal aphorism that is most often accurate in web-content. If you look at any press release example, writers curate their content to the reader, making it easy to understand and not layered in gibberish.

After a verbiage problem is taken care of, it’s simpler to suppress unguided themes. Once the discussion is more guided, the article is easier to follow thus pushing the message clearly. As an example, posting about an app update and summarizing the entire app instead of the main focus your press release is based upon will lose the reader’s attention more often than not.

What also holds the attention of your audience is incorporating your businesses’ testimonials or an important figure’s such as a president or any relevant higher-up. One way to accomplish this feat simply is through quotations. For example, the CEO’s statement of an app update and how he feels it will transcend the company rather than a text-wall change-log brings easier digestion to content. As a tip, however, when repeating the quotation, be sure to structure it in a way that is easy to understand, if not, add context when labeling the origin.

When using a quotation it helps reader attention in another way other than merit, and that is structuring a format with sections. Many paragraphs straight rather than sections separated by quotations looks dull and uninteresting. In addition, quotations are usually the only way to divide sections because images are more likely viewed as clutter rather than a relevant part of content.

With these tips and tricks in mind, your ability to capitalize on publicity through press releases should rise. To keep this guide in mind, it is also important to draft out your specific topic and how you’d like to approach it before starting. It is also easy to find a template of a press release example through the internet, which can jumpstart your writing process.

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