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Band Press Release: Can You Really Make Some Noise in the Cyberspace with a Well-Written PR?

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The three basic rules of writing a press release apply to band press release writing as well. The press release should be newsworthy, should be pertinent to the band or musician or brand it is talking about and should be an entertaining read all in all. If you go through the online PR distribution websites, you would find gobs of poorly written PRs that nobody even cares to take a look at, with a few gems and jewels here and there. Yes, you guessed it right. The PR distribution market is just like the music industry, full of mediocrity and only a handful of real gems standing as exceptions.

You know why the PR campaigns of most bands and musicians fail terribly? This is because the bands and musicians fail to make their PRs newsworthy. If you want to create a buzz in the cyberspace and get the journalists to read your PR, there has to be substance. If you do not know how to make a band press release newsworthy, it’s better if you hire a professional for crafting a killer press release for you. That said, you need to bear in mind the brass tacks of PR writing. Here’s taking a brief look at the basics of writing a musician press release.

Don’t just send a press release for the sake of sending

“XYZ Band Is Super Cool” is bound to capture attention of the journalists, but if your headline is like “XYZ Band to Tour Whole of Eastern Europe in Sixteen Days”, this looks like a news article, worthy of sharing and distributing. If you are working on your new album, or you are composing a new song, or you are in talks with another band for an upcoming collaboration project, sending the news through the wires can be an excellent idea.

Proofread before you publish

You should not send your PRs to editors of online press release distribution websites without properly proofreading them. Check if you have included contact information and your website URL. A press release without any contact info is like a letter with no address.

Don’t use hyperboles

Press journalists little care about upcoming bands and you may end up frustrating them if you use hyperboles to describe your brand or yourself. A press release is a non-promotional piece of content that should not be written like an advert.

Follow these tips and you will easily be able to make your band famous through a killer band press release.


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