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Affordable PR Writing Solutions: Is Dumping the Idea of Free PR Distribution a Wise Move?

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If you trying to gain some business leverage by distributing press releases through online media outlets, you are actually trying the least expensive way to promote your brand or your specific products and/or services. There are a gazillion of free press release distribution sites which you may want to use for a start. However, if you are trying to create some impact with your PR distribution campaign, you should go for paid PR distribution instead of trying the free distribution ones. This is primarily because affordable PRs are no more a myth. You can actually shape your online branding campaign around a low-cost press release strategy that yields much, but costs little.

Free or paid press release distribution: which one is right for you?

Even if you are a small business, it still makes sense to invest in affordable PR distribution services. Free press release syndication services are all good, except that you cannot make quite an impact with the zero-cost PR distribution services. What are the downsides of free PR distribution? Well, just to name a few, free distribution of a PR simply means you have more legwork to do. Secondly, the free sites do not instantly publish the PRs. Thirdly and most importantly, there are these low-cost and low-authority websites that won’t take your campaign anywhere.

It is true that the free PR distribution sites publish and distribute press releases through a handful of online media outlets. But the reality is, neither of the news sites nor the press release distribution sites have the required authority and credibility that you can bank on. It’s certainly not worth your time. A well-written press release that has been written by you or some other knowledgeable and competent writer who understands your brand should be distributed through a paid site. Fortunately, there are couple of affordable PR syndication agencies that can take your campaign to the level next.

Why investing in paid press release distribution is indeed a wise choice?

Distributing your carefully written press release through a high-PR (PageRank) and high domain authority site like PRWeb can be highly effective as these sites actually distribute content through media outlets you actually know and not through media outlets that you have never heard of before. These sites distribute PRs through sites like USA Today and Google News.

How does it actually feel to see your headlines appearing on sites of the likes of USA Today or ABC News? Well, that’s not the only reason you should look for affordable PR distribution services instead of investing your time in free PR sites.

The detailed reports and traffic analytics that these paid PR distribution sites offer to the publishers are worth the money. Getting to know from where your traffic is coming from can be really helpful.

The best part is that affordable PR distribution services are now being offered by a couple of PR syndication agencies and you can find them on the internet quite easily.


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