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Standard Press Release Format and Samples: Why Are They Important for Your PR and Outreach Campaign?

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The initial thought that strikes someone getting geared up for writing a press release for his brand that composing a four hundred word piece would be as easy as falling off a log. However, press release writing cannot be compared to article writing or blog writing. It’s much more complex and there’s more to it than just talking about a company, product, service or brand. A standard press release format needs to be maintained in the first place and any deviation from it would mean throwing your PR in the endless loop of rejection.

Let’s take a look at how exactly a press release should be written to get it passed on all those top PR distribution and publishing channels.

The headline: The headline of the PR should be newsy enough to get the attention of the journalists right on. It should be short, simple and straightforward and should not be promotional in essence. Here’s where crafting a press release headline becomes all the more challenging as you cannot go overboard while writing a headline.

Example of a bad press release title: “ABC Company’s Innovation Products Create Miracle, Raising the Bars for Competitors” (note: you cannot use hyperboles in your press release headline and elsewhere and you ought not to demean competitor products or brands)

Example of a good press release title: “ABC Company’s Innovation Products Launched at XYZ Trade Expo” (Look at how the headline just delivers the news and nothing else. The headline also succinctly answers the ‘where’ question)

The content: Following the headline, you should write the content of the press release. While reporting the event or the company update, you need to follow a third-person journalistic tone. This is the universal rule for writing a press release. Whether you are looking to use traditional media outlets for distributing your PR or you want to get some SEO juice by distributing a PR through online media outlets, this is one rule you cannot really avoid. Also, you need to keep in mind that correct spelling and grammar is important for getting your PR approved online.

If you are trying to pull up your search rankings, you can use keywords in your press release strategically and also use anchor texts. However, using keywords is secondary and you need to follow the correct format first of all.

Boilerplate content: You need to briefly introduce the company at the end. Again, refrain from using hyperboles. Restrained use of adjectives is highly recommended.

For checking the standard press release format, you may download samples from the web to check the tone, style and everything that makes a perfect press release.

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